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This post is all about the story behind the Thulean Perspective t-shirts I’m selling!

Basically, when the call went out to us for assistance, after making a small contribution, I wished I could do more.  I had a vision of the shirt that I wanted to create, and originally I was only going to make a few for myself and a couple of my friends.  I simply grabbed one of the promo photos from and brought it into AutoCAD as a raster image, then used my mouse to trace the light and dark areas as closed polylines and used hatching to fill them in.  I chose Cry Uncial font for the text, and found that the special “ô” and “ð” characters were not available in that font, so again I used closed polylines to make the little marks.  Pretty simple really…it only took me a couple of hours in total.

I found out once I started looking at quotes that it is far cheaper per unit to have at least 50 shirts printed at once, especially with this where there are three screen-setups (one for each colour/side).  So I had 50 printed in assorted sizes.


I think they turned out great, and I’ve been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback!  Shirts have gone out to all over Canada, the States and Europe.  I’ve worn mine a few times so far and I find it’s a great conversation starter: people ask “who’s on your shirt?” and then I tell them a little bit about Varg and about the events that have befallen him and Marie and the injustice and ongoing persecution.  Then I refer them to the website.  It gets the word out there to people who would not otherwise know anything about it.

So where can I get a shirt, you ask!  I’ve been taking all orders directly via email at  They are $20 (CAN) each plus the basic cost of shipping.  All profits will be going directly to Varg and Marie’s fundraising effort.  Please get in touch if you’re interested!


3 responses

  1. White Guard

    You did a wonderful job. I love my Varg t-shirt. Cheers!

    October 29, 2013 at 8:25 pm

  2. Wim

    Fantastic shirt and very good blog! Good job 😉 . Regards from Flanders,Belgium.

    November 4, 2013 at 5:32 pm

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