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Defending your rights

It’s funny how much you can learn about people, by simply finding out what they are willing to fight for.

For most of us, honour is a concept we would like to have associated with ourselves and our families.  My father and grandfather were both honourable men of European descent.  I admire all of their good qualities and try to develop those qualities in myself.  I’ve worked together with them on our land and recognize the value in that.  And so I consider myself an honourable woman.

This concept of honour seems to be so foreign to many people today that they have difficulty even grasping it without twisting it into something else.  I had a discussion recently with an acquaintance of mine (whom I would describe as a “full-grown boy”) who could not accept that the idea of racial hygiene has nothing to do with hate.  And that in fact it actually comes down to respect for yours and other ethnic groups to not wish to see them blended together into an unrecognizable caramel-coloured mass.

“What if I meet a black chick that I’m attracted to?” is the counter-argument I get.  Can you imagine?  “Why shouldn’t I be able to fuck a black chick?”

And that’s basically what we’re dealing with here.  A generation of blond-haired, blue-eyed man-boys who are willing to fight for their right to “fuck a black chick” but who cannot even grasp the concept of fighting for the continued existence of their own genetic heritage.  Admittedly they would probably also fight if you tried to take GTA 5 away from them.  We all have our red line…

Obviously our being brainwashed into accepting this multi-kulti thing from an early age is a big issue…but I think it also comes down to our arrogance in this age.  The arrogance that makes us think we know better than our forebears.  That our modern “morality” is so superior.  Do we not owe our ancestors the benefit of the doubt, that maybe they in their experience knew better than us ungrateful children?  Only a hundred years ago, interracial marriage was extremely rare.  Not because our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were “racists,” but because they understood basic concepts that today are being lost and bred out of us.  I would even go so far as to call this the hubris of the modern age:

…extreme pride or arrogance…often indicat(ing) a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power. Hubris is usually associated with the “simple-minded”. (Wikipedia)

Promising young European men and women of today, ask yourselves, what are you willing to fight for?


4 responses

  1. tuli1121

    I have come in contact with many of these “man boys” who are selfish inconsiderate brats,throughout the years and I sometimes wonder if it is due to the high rate of divorce. During my 23 years on this earth I have only met one person that was my age or younger that is not a product of divorce. 9.9 times out of 10 these children live with their mothers after the divorce. I believe that to be a fully developed person you need both influences in your life, your mother’s and father’s. Mothers are naturally the emotional influence. The one that cares for you and comforts you. The father is more of the disciplinary, the one teaches you to stand on your own without the crutch to fall back on that the mother usually provides. If the only influence they have is that of their mother they will be “babied” their entire life so they expect to be able to do and get what they want. They don’t know how to fight for anything because “momma bear” took care of everything for them.

    Also, I see that our youth are being stripped of their identity. I see these people who are my age and younger who are adopting the lifestyles of other races because their parents are too selfish to teach their kids who they are. When they have no idea what their ethnicity is, they aren’t going to take a stand and fight for their race. I see this happening at my school too. Their are multicultural clubs everywhere you turn, but none of them even try to include European countries (not that I trust them to do an effective representation of that culture, I just want it represented for the people who are European and know nothing of their background..) If you were to start a European club, you would be considered racist and gods help us if that were to happen… The European mind, in my opinion, is automatically, from birth, driven by honor and reputation so they instinctively fear getting a negative reputation in the society they live in (in this society it is being labeled a racist) that they will do anything, even go against nature to prove that they are not this thing that they are taught is evil.

    I can not even begin to wrap my mind around anyone who would even consider someone of another race. I think they have something mentally wrong with them. I was reading about Prosopagnosia, the disorder where you are unable to recognize faces. I know that myself and other people I have spoken to, that are white, can not recognize faces of African or Asians. They say they all look the same. Africans and Asians can not even fathom that we say that. But to them we all look the same and we can not fathom that they say that about us. If you cannot recognize your mate out of a group, what good does that do for you. Also when I see a little mixed child walking around they all look the same to me. If I had a mixed child I would not be able to seek out my own children if they were lost in a crowd. How is this considered natural to people? I don’t understand how parents of mixed children can accept their children as being theirs.. because there are absolutely no similarities.

    October 22, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    • kelticnordid

      The end is true of mixed race children. I noticed though that peoples living on the fringes of Europe can t least retain some Aryan traits when mixed but outside of those areas it is impossible [I exclude Americas-that is a different story].

      November 12, 2013 at 10:53 pm

  2. kelticnordid

    This is a excellent post. Although my parents divorced I generally have never accepted either of their views. I use to spend my summers with my uncle who was a Colonel in the Army and learned more from him living off the land than my own parents ever taught me. My parents did not even know how to cook. Now I love them for their good qualities but they had many bad, as do I. I am not perfect because I have not completely developed. My youthful years [13-18] were the worst in my life, because I wanted to be like ‘everyone’ else. Not until I went to college did I see my issue in life. I stopped drinking, smoking, eating processed food, listening even to radio music [I detest this modern culture], got rid of my cell phone, stopped playing video games etc…. Its hard because in your early years this consumer based society forces this stuff onto you and growing up in an urban setting does not help either. I was one of the only white kids on my street and going outside usually meant being beaten and called ‘rich kid’ or ‘white boy’ because they assumed I had money. I had no money because my mother was just above the poverty line. She did not possess an education or have any means to get out of such a bad place. I can remember walking home from school after being physically removed off the bus by a crowd of blacks for trying to take the bus from downtown. So I had to walk, of course this was not an issue with minorities, the school, my mother who had to work late to provide meals for me, my dad who had to work to pay for the child support five towns away, nor the police or any other authorities. I am shocked I am alive today as a result of living in such an unhealthy environment but after looking back it makes me proud that I took care of myself.

    On the weekends as a youth I use to stay over my Dad’s who use to live in the country side and would often leave the confines of his house to just be out side in the forests next to my house, fishing in the ponds because I felt free. I felt more safe being in this setting than the urban concrete jungle I had to call home. Unfortunately in my mid teens I detracted and went into a period of life as you describe modern young men. But after my 22nd birthday it finally sank in. I have been following Varg’s writings ever since he was in prison after my DUI. After reading his writing and taking a Critical Thinking course [which was loaded with philosophy] I started looking at life and the world through a different angle and discovered my life style and the life style of modern Man is pure degeneracy. It has its positive sides but too much negative to tag along with it.

    Video games and much of useless technology like cellphones [which the government uses to spy on people but they are too stupid to figure this out] and consumerist crap which is similar are useless devices that actually destroy us more. They cause a lot of harm and I noticed you mentioned this in your post. Hailsa!

    November 12, 2013 at 10:51 pm

  3. usten kayse

    So many misunderstandings between you and I we cannot even see how much we are the same

    April 1, 2014 at 5:19 am

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