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The Ballad of Sinclair

I loved Tyr’s version of this song, but didn’t realize how much longer and more poetic the full version is.  The song describes the Battle of Kringen which took place in Norway in 1612.  An excellent overview of it can be found here.

“Listen to me! The enemy has invaded us!”

We are reminded that the once proud Norwegian people took it into their own hands to defend their land against invaders (in this case Scottish mercenaries).  Monuments and folk songs immortalize this honourable deed.

Translation (by Google Translate, by no means accurate, and corrections are more than welcome)

1 Mr. Sinklar went over salten sea,
against Norway his course meaneth stands;
among Gudbrand’s rocks he found his grave ,
there hung so bloody a forehead.

Well up before day
they’re coming across the heath.

2 Mr. Sinklar crossed the ocean blue
for Swedish money to fight:
Help you God, you surely must
in the grass for the standard bite.

3 The moon shines at night pale,
the venture so softly rolling;
one mermaid out of the water rose,
She predicted Mr Sinklar ill:

4 ” Turn back, turn back, you Scottish man!
it applies to your life as phage;
Get To Norway I say the truth
right you are never going back!”

5 “Lead is your song, you poisonous troll
always you predict about accidents;
Catch you again in my power,
I let you chop into pieces.”

6 He sailed for days, he sailed for three
with all his hired followers,
the fourth morning he did Norway’s wonder see
I will not conceal.

7 By coasts of Romsdal he steered ashore,
declared himself an enemy;
he was followed by fourteen hundred men,
all of which had evil intentions.

8 They scolded and burned where they went,
all rights they violate;
the old man’s helplessness touched them not
they scoffed at the weeping widow.

9 The child was killed in his mother’s lap,
so and gently as it smiled;
rumor of this weeping and wailing
to the core of the country hurried.

10 Bavnen glittered and budstikken race
from canal to the nearest canal;
Valley’s sons into hiding not crept,
it had to Mr Sinklar true.

11 “The soldier is out on the king’s parade,
we must ourselves the country defend;
cursed be the unrighteous,
who now his blood will save.”

12 The farmers of Våge, Lesje and Lom
with sharp axes on necks
in Bredebøjgd together came,
with the Scot would they talk.

13 Close below like running a path
as you wonder Kringen cold;
Lågen rushes there over;
in it the enemies should fall.

14 The rifle hanging on the wall no more,
yonder aims gray-haired gunner;
nix lift up his wet beard
and eagerly await its prey.

15 The first shot at Mr Sinklar prevailed,
he roared and gave up his spirit;
every Scot cried when the colonel fell:
“God deliver us from this dilemma!”

16 “Above peasants, above, in Norwegian men,
beat down, beat down for food!”
Since wished the Scot back home,
he was not quite gaily to fashion.

17 With dead bodies were Kringen strewn
the ravens had enough to eat, –
the young blood, which flowed out,
the Scottish girls mourn.

18 Not a living soul came home,
as customer, his compatriot tell
how dangerous it is to visit them,
who live among Norway’s mountains.

19 End towers a support in the same place,
as Norway’s enemies wonder true.
Woe to every person here who are not named,
so often his eyes the spectacle!

Well up before day
they’re coming across the heath.


2 responses

  1. Originist

    While Tyr have become monotonously gutless with each (rehash of the same) album they release, especially after they issued that joint apologist statement to racists with Moonsorrow in order to broaden the demographic of their sales, their version of the song is still one of the best tributes to not just what little talent they have remaining but to the entire effort immortalized in this song’s memory. Just its mention gets it stuck in my head. I can’t knock their 2006 album, though, because it shows all their positive qualities as well as the pro-European aspects of our mythology and its message. This song could well serve our cause by simply tailoring what it references to our century. Reviving and re-recording these songs in pure European form will go a long way towards reviving the glory we only got to taste in the 1930s thanks to the Third Reich. This translation takes nothing away from the song, by the way, so I don’t think corrections (if any need be made) will matter too much.

    February 26, 2014 at 4:01 am

  2. langbarte

    I came to know of Tyr some years ago thanks to their version of this song. But the original one is way better, undoubtly.

    February 26, 2014 at 4:40 am

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